Maximise your time on Niue

Niue Orientation Tour

Welcome to Niue Tours  and our special Orientation Tour, the day after you arrive on Niue. In a journey of four hours on the West Coast we will show you where to go, when to go and help you maximise your holiday time on this very special, and different South Pacific island.

“The Commodore’s Tour was excellent. It really helped in getting to know the Island. They are a complete package and really know their stuff.” feedback from Maggie who  visited Niue in April 2016 and booked through

Explore the extensive  coral reef flats










Serene cave pool, surreal snorkelling.

Find hidden corners to cool off in.

Large wave burst

Experience the power of the South Pacific Ocean

Walk through the secluded forest tracks

Walk through the secluded forest tracks

slider Palaha

Be awed by the majesty of cathedral caves


TA four years