Maximise your holiday experience on NIue

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Niue Tours Niuean and palagi tour guides

Niue Tours team – ready and waiting !

Join our team of Niuean and palagi tour guides the day after you arrive. During a 4 hour journey you will experience a tantalizing “taste” of Niue’s cliff tops, caves, chasms, coves, reefflats and pools.

AND you will receive your own resource pack containing our unique 8 page colour booklet “Around Niue”, a chart of optimal tide conditions for different locations, a planning guide and a check list -all the key information needed to maximize your holiday time.

“The Niue Orientation Tour was excellent. It really helped in getting to know the Island. They are a complete package and really know their stuff.” feedback from Maggie who  visited Niue in April 2016 and booked through


Our new colour tour guide

Our  2017 – 8 page colour guide.




From Niue Orientation Tours in 2016