Maximise your holiday experience on NIue

Why NOT ?




Join our team of Niuean and palagi tour guides the day after you arrive. During a 4 hour journey you will experience a tantalizing “taste” of Niue’s cliff tops, caves, chasms, coves, reef flats and pools.

AND you will receive your own resource pack containing our unique 8 page colour booklet “Around Niue”, a chart of optimal tide conditions for different locations, a planning guide and a check list – all the key information needed to maximize your holiday time on this “out of the ordinary” South Pacific island.

PLUS the following day, an 8Gb flash drive of  photos taken  on tour. Included on this  resource are many other photos and  a selection of videos showing events of life on  Niue.


Our new colour tour guide

Posted on Trip Advisor  17th April 2017

Reviewed 1 week ago

“Highly recommend that you do this tour the day after you arrive. It is a great way to be setup for your stay on Niue, knowing where to go and when is crucial when staying somewhere that is so affected by tide times.”

Our  2017 – 8 page colour guide.


The whales are coming in June/July.  Niue Tours supports “Oma Tafua’s” research.