Maximise your holiday experience on NIue

Resource Pack

Resources for optimising your holiday time on Niue.

Our 2017 A4 photographic booklet “Exploring Niue is unique and an invaluable resource to provide the information  to get you to each location at an optimal time.

An 8 page guide arranged in a clockwise format

Our new colour tour guide



The guide “Week on Niue” concisely summarises the numerous sightseeing and dining options for you to choose from



The right place at the right time.

If you are coming to Niue to snorkel or reef walk, the weekly chart of tide times for the various iconic locations will save you valuable time. Being in the “right place at the right time” is important for your enjoyment and safety.

You will find  these complimentary documents particularly useful as you make your own plans for the remainder of your week here on the island.


 Souvenir images and events of life on Niue.

MP 4 videos of Cultural events, haircutting and ear piercing, whale and dolphin encounters, game fishing, village festivals, amazing snorkelling and drone footage.

“We came away with excellent audio-visual material that makes impressive viewing and have no hesitation sharing our positive impressions and experiences “  R & R. visited March 2017 and booked through “Our Pacific”